Contemporary House Designs is the most preferred architecture style by Indians. Indians have shifted from the old traditional style to this new style. In short Contemporary designs is a blend of a mixture of trendy architecture style, however, they can be unique on their own but share some quality features from European & the Mediterranean architectural style. 

Features of contemporary house design

From the house elevations featured below following patterns of architectural style can be concluded

  • Colour and texture either plain or geometric pattern
  • Bold geometrical shapes
  • Clean architectural lines
  • Open layouts and large windows
  • Focus on the basics of line, shape, and form
  • Roofs usually flat or shallow-pitched
  • Minimalist decorative elements 
  • Emphasized more on natural ventilation

    You could figure out many more features from these house elevation. We have tried to bring you the best contemporary house elevation ideas from our Indian designers. Take a look at the houses below to find out more ideas…

contemporary house elevation 2021
1. Designers: SS Architects

The design is optimized by a blend of traditional and contemporary design ideologies. The striking feature is the huge grey textured wall, decorative screens, and use of vertical wood which give this house an elegant and futuristic appearance.

contemporary house design in India
2. Designer: Between spaces

Aims to create a tranquil environment that is not based on the designed form, but is achieved as an elusive quality that is constant yet, rhythmic.

contemporary house design in India
3. Designer: Studio Clay

Despite the scale, the choice of material lends the house a sense of intimacy. The solidity of the front gives way to lightness and only the structural elements remain in the way of achieving complete transparency.

contemporary house design in India
4. Designer: SS Architects

The warmth of wood, the reflectivity of stones and sensual softness of marble underfoot, combine to create a simplistic and clean material palette.

contemporary house design in India
5. Designer: Fusion Studio

An attachment of the repetitive screen module that is randomly patterned for creating a large picture and optimized to bring in natural daylight and ambient greens.

contemporary house design in India
6. Designer: Design Thought

Keeping all local reference, a simplistic clean and traditional material palette is adopted to reflect the open lifestyle of the owner. Exposed brickwork complement the rustic stone design creating an earthy environment that blends with natural environs.

contemporary house design in India
7. Designer: Aslam.Sham Architects

Triangular plane of zinc cantilevers hovers on the first floor. A minimal palette of material, colour and texture is developed in line with the overlying design intent.

contemporary house design in India
8. Designer: Between spaces

A dramatic arrangement of vertical fins on the elevation creates a layered façade. The complexity generated by these geometrics creates a free-flowing continuous space that makes the house seem larger and more expansive.

contemporary house design in India
9. Designer: Between spaces

Resembling a cuckoos nest along with illuminating and ventilated interior spaces. And have an innate sense of design and elegance.

contemporary house design in India
10. Designer: 3D Specular

A simplistic grey material palette is adopted to match the minimalist approach of the design.

contemporary house design in India
11. Designer: 3D Specular

One experiences a rhythmic succession of spaces.

contemporary house design
12. Designer: Mayuresh 3D design

With a unique sense of scale, the exteriors symbolically complement each other as a unifying experience. With large projections and bold design, it showcases the client’s personality.

contemporary house design in India
13. Designer: RK Architects

A virtuous, simplistic elegant retreat whose built form is devoid of any clutter. Attempting to redefine the Indian modern yet minimalistic response.

contemporary house design in India
14. Designer: Grid Architects

Conceived as a platform that overlooks the green premises each area is opened up to the picturesque views by means of geometric openings.

contemporary house design in India
15. Designer: 4 Site Architects

The client’s preference for contemporary aesthetics informed the building design with clean horizontal lines, sculptured rectangular forms.

contemporary house design in India
16. Designer: RK Architects

Repetitive screen module is randomly patterned for creating a large picture. Despite the scale, the choice of materials lends the whole house a sense of intimacy

contemporary house design in India
17. Designer: 4 Site Architects

Designed as a relaxation space as a garden house. Designed with the tropical concept and a clean and simplistic design with lush greenery.

contemporary house design in India
18. Designer: Fusion Studio

Space is magnified by the light and shadow play from the specifically customized large scale windows along the periphery. The home is clients sense of style and meticulous attention of fit and finish.

contemporary house design in India
19. Designer: Fusion Studio

The home endeavours to create a balance of all vignettes in the client’s life. Every architectural feature melts itself to form a congruous while retaining its identity as a work

contemporary house design in India
20. Designer: Aslam.Sham Architects

A triangular roof anchors the project, giving it a unique identity and become symbolic of its tropical content.

contemporary house design in India
21. Designer: RK Architects

With a deep desire of architects love for crafty construction work and free-flowing spaces, the design of the home adopts a climate-responsive approach in a simple space plan

contemporary house elevation
22. Designer: SS Architects

A single-family residence that responds to climatic context by adopting traditional means whilst meeting the needs of contemporary house design

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