This beautiful house elevation design is an example of contemporary style architecture. This contemporary house elevation in India spreads out on 2 levels with spacious floor plans. This house is an elegant display of architectural design as there is perfect sync of color and texture. The exterior facade stands out because of the vertical wooden textured cladding. This house is developed in an organic manner. The design is optimized by a blend of traditional and contemporary design ideologies. The front facade is one of the attractive features of this house as the designers have very well articulated it.

The stylish balconies are projected out with an attractive wooden texture railing. Another striking feature is the huge grey textured wall and large glass windows which give this house an elegant and futuristic appearance. Extensive sustainability strategies have been integrated into the design of the house. Wooden textured screens are beautifully articulated thus enhancing abundant natural light. Overall this contemporary house design offers better structural efficiency, aesthetic value, and attractive rich design.

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Cool Contemporary House Elevation 2021 Elevations

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