1 BHK house plans are single residency homes that feature one bedroom, hall and kitchen with attached toilets. And when it comes to 1 bhk bungalow plan it consists of an internal staircase that connects the terrace above.

Minimum habitable size for 1 BHK bungalow plan

As per Building bye-laws, habitable room sizes are mentioned in the rule book which needs to be followed by the designers. 
These are the minimum sizes for rooms that are required to be followed while planning:
1) Kitchen –  5.5 sqm 
2) Bath     –  1.8m X 1.1m
3) Wc       –  1.1m X 0.9m
4) Bed      –  9.5 sqm
5) Living   –  9.5 sqm

Therefore the minimum size of a 1 BHK house plan with attached toilet sums up to 300 sqft. However, people who wish to build bungalow plans go for more square feet.

These are some of the beautifully designed 1 bhk house plan drawings that showcase unique layouts:

1 bhk house plan with vastu
1 . Click here for a detailed plan

This plan features a rectangular living room with a pooja room in between the living room & kitchen. And the kitchen placed on the southeast side of the plot making it compliant with Vastu. This 1 bhk house plan is in full compliance as per Vastu.

1 bhk ground floor plan
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This low cost 1 bhk ground floor plan is well fitted into 800 sq ft. This plan consists of a spacious living room with a dining space attached to it and a kitchen next to it.

1 bhk house plan drawing
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This is an affordable layout plan in 700 sqft. With a spacious living room and verandahs, this house provides ample ventilation. This plan also features a dry balcony in the kitchen.

1 bhk house plan north facing
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This north facing 1 bhk house plan consists of a spacious living and a compact kitchen for a small family.

1 bhk house plan with vastu east facing
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This 1 bhk house plan with Vastu east-facing under 800 sq ft is well fitted into 24 X 32 feet. This plan consists of a rectangular living room with an internal staircase visible from the living space. Its kitchen faces the east side.

plan of 1 bhk house
6. Click here for a detailed plan

This Indian style plan offers a wide spacious living room with attached dining and pooja room.

In a proper square space, the designer has very well planned the rooms. With a storeroom pooja room and ample space for parking, this house is a complete good package.

The design of this house resembles a typical 1 bhk row house floor plan. This plan on the ground floor is 1 bhk but gives ample scope for development on the first floor.

Ample ventilation and natural lights with modern design. This plan gives utility factor to this house

3d house plan gives clarity to visualize things in a futuristic way. And each room here are cleverly laid with ample space given to balconies.