What is a 3BHK Floor Plan ?

A 3 bhk floor plan means there are 3 bedrooms 1 Hall and 1 Kitchen

What is a 3.5 BHK House Plan?

A 3.5 BHK floor plan means it consists of 1 hall 1 kitchen 3 bedrooms and 1 smaller room (study room/workroom). Usually, 0.5 addition to any house means an additional room of smaller size is provided which could be a study room/workroom or can be converted into any room as the owner wish.

What should be the best size for a 3BHK bungalow plan?

There isn’t any such best size. But if planning for a 3 BHK bungalow plan, go for at least an average size of 1500 sq ft. This will help you to get spacious habitable rooms which are apt for an independent house.

How much does it cost to build a 3 BHK House Plan?

The cost of building a 3bhk independent house vary from village to city. If you consider building a 3 bhk duplex house the cost varies. Considering an average built-up size of 1500 Sqft for a 3 bhk house in a city the cost would be:

Builtup X construction cost( Avg quality) = Total Cost
1500 X 1200 = 1800000 ie 18 lac rupees

Following are some 3bhk floor plan, that will help you to get an idea

3bhk home designs
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This 3bhk home designs are well fitted into 30 X 50 ft and have an overall built-up area of 1500 sq ft.

3 bhk bungalow plan
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A luxury treats this 3 bhk bungalow plan is an example of elegant planning, emphasising the greenery part. The grandeur is what attracts everyone.

3 bhk plan
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Having a narrow or rectangular plot, this 3 bhk plan could be the best option, giving scope for future development on the upper floor. Either way, this 3bhk floor plan is fitted into 30 X 50 ft in 1500 sq ft

3 bhk home plan
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Grand living space and spacious bedrooms make this house the best option for a luxury 3 bhk home plan. With open terraces dry balconies and wide verandahs, this house plan is best suited for an upper-middle-class family

6 bhk duplex house plan
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An east-facing bungalow plan fitted into 33 X 43 ft under 1200 sq ft. This 3bhk house plan has a spacious living room with a pooja room attached to it and an internal staircase accessible from the living.

3 bhk villa plan
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If looking for a 3 bhk villa plan in 1500 sq ft, then this floor plan is best suited for an Indian villa plan. The living room with attached open terrace and spacious kitchen with dining and the three bedrooms with attached toilets satisfies each client.

3 bhk floor plan
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This 3 bhk floor plan consists of a rectangular spacious living room with an internal staircase visible from the living space. The attractive feature is the living room that is situated on a different plinth level. Its kitchen is large enough and consists of a storeroom and dry balcony.

3 bhk independent house
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An independent house plan in India with three bedrooms very well designed offering good green spaces. This Indian floor plan is fitted into 44 X 53 ft under 2300 sq ft.

3 bedroom plan
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41 X 36 ft 3 bedroom plan in 1500 sq ft.

3bhk apartment plan
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Looking for a 3bhk apartment plan in Indian style, then this plan will satisfy your needs. With an emphasis on light and ventilation, the architect has very well planned it. This Indian style apartment plan is fitted in 1600 sq ft most suitable and affordable

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