What is a Living Room?

Whether used as a lounge or seating area, living rooms are defined by different households differently with some resorting to passing time with friends, watching TV or even spending time with family members in this room. In India, living rooms are usually the first room you get to see after you enter a house,

What are the different themes that one can adopt to design a living room?

There are several design themes for living rooms that anyone can adopt for their homes. 

For an eclectic or colourful living room, various accessories, colours, textures and even patterns play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the room. This includes rearranging the furniture as well which play an importnat role in shaping ones living room.   

Here are some Indian style living room interior home designs that have used themes 

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A colourful sectional sofa that features two main colours and a wooden-striped pattern to complement the walls are added to this cozy living space.

The inclusion of a grey fluffy rug in the living room will work on toning down the various colours used in the room for a beautiful look. The rug is not just decorative but also very functional enough to ensure that all those using the living room can keep their feet warm.

The walls with show pieces and framed pictures or artwork gives it an enhanced look.

A modern living room design, 3d wall panels with diamond patterns, potted plants placed on a wooden coffee table and grey sofa sets decorated with white pillows is just perfect.

Beige coloured couches in the white background are not just classy and elegant but also with a modern touch. In order to make the living room warm and cosy, wooden floors can be implemented. This interior is a good example of a low budget living room.

living room wall design

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Decorating accessories like 3d panels or even potted plants are perfect for a natural or green living room. The area rugs also provide an excellent way of adding a touch of modernity into the room while making it feel fresh and elegant

living room design theme

The colours play an important role in contemporary-themed living rooms. There are several ways of using this refreshing colour to achieve this living room design theme

To complement this room, sofas in a different colour such as grey, orange, blue can be added in the room to create a beautiful contrast.

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The grandeur look and the choice of white colour define the personality of the person staying here. In one word this is a royal living room design.

living room home decor theme

Lavender or other shades of purple, blue, orange and cream among other great colours are also perfect for living colour themes. They also add a touch of personal style and taste to the living room decor theme.

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