Dining room chandelier – No matter how big or small a dining room is a chandelier is a must as it makes the dining room impressive. The designed lighting in the dining room sets the mood and the atmosphere for a dinner.

A chandelier plays an important role in the decoration of the room.

The colors and types of light that a person wants to use in the dining room chandelier should be selected carefully according to the colors of wall because the walls of light colors reflect the light more than the dark ones and with light colors on the wall, the room looks bright.
An extra benefit of chandelier is that the light can be fixed on it according to the need, it can be make dim by a dimmer. So, never forget to install the dimmer on the chandelier switch.

Tips for buying a chandelier

A dining room chandelier should be purchased that looks good in the room, there are many styles of chandeliers available but it should suit the furniture of the room. A chandelier not only provides enough illumination according to the event, but it is also a great decoration.

While selecting a dining room chandelier in India, one point that should be considered most important is the size of the room. A chandelier should not so big that it dominates or covers the table placed beneath it and it should not be so small that it becomes insignificant.

A chandelier should be fixed with care; it should be fixed at a place where it gives a good look. The perfect place for fixing a chandelier is above the dining table, in the centre of it.

Benefits of Dining room chandelier

  • This decoration shows the personal style of a person and personality is reflected by the decoration of the home. If anyone is in the mood for a romantic dinner, the light can be easily dimmed by a chandelier which sets the romantic mood.
  • A soft light or glow is perfect for romance. People also like to use chandeliers with candle fixtures. Real candles are great for a romantic candlelight dinner. These give a romantic glow to the room.
  • The other advantage of a real candle chandelier fixer is that the power bill is also saved. It is up to the person whether he wants a traditional chandelier for his dining room or simple pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. The traditional chandeliers give elegant look but these are difficult to clean.

  • Multi-layered chandeliers are also available for giving a room dramatic effect. A multi-layered dining room chandelier can be easily purchased as these are available at affordable prices in India.

Here are some the dining room chandelier that are best suited for Indian homes

dining room chandeliers modern

Gold plated chandelier: With six led fixed into this modern chandelier. This could best for a contemporary dining room

dining room light fixtures

Glass globe sputnik chandelier: Light stunner that will fill any dining room or bedroom with unrivaled style

dining room light fixtures gold

Golden Ring chandelier: Adjustable Between Warm White Cool White And Natural White this dining room chandelier lits the dining room.

dining table chandelier india

Ring shaped chandelier: This 3 ring chandelier in dining area is a unique design that everyone aspires to have it.

dining room chandelier circular

Black ring chandelier: A minimalistic design approach

chandelier dining

Modern linear chandelier: A linear fixture with four direct down light provides ambient illumination

Ring chandelier india

White ring chandelier: White ring chandelier ideal for formal dining spaces and modern dining tables in India

dining room chandelier

Linear spring chandelier: This piece is constructed on a matching minimalistic rail, suspended from the ceiling by nearly invisible steel wires to give the illusion of weightlessness

dining room chandelier contemporary

Golden modern chandelier: Want to have a rich feeling check out this dining room light fixture

suspension luminaire chandelier

Hanging suspension luminaire Chandeliers: Gold luminaire light best suited for formal living room

dining room chandelier crystal

Island pendant chandelier: Leaf-like chandelier with rings into it

wavy chandelier

Wavy chandelier: Designed in two layers, more stereoscopic than other level roof lights; an advanced shape with leaf-like 6 circle rings, very much like a bloom putting on your roof

Stunning Dining Room Chandelier Ideas For Indian Homes Design Stories

Rope pendant lamp: Retro design with hemp rope enlightens and designs the house and makes a provincial mechanical air that consummately incorporates various styles

dining room lighting fixtures hanging

Wavy contemporary pendant light: With gold plated design and wavy light embedded in it. This chandelier makes ones dining room beautiful

circular ceiling light

Circular Ceiling light: Best suited for all rooms including dining room

sputnik chandelier

Firefly sputnik chandelier: Sputnik chandelier with black metal frame

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