The best contemporary unique homes are designed by highly skilled architects who always design perfect homes. The beautiful home designs are attractive and they are made attractive by skilled architects. The homes may take different shapes of funny objects but strong. The objects provide the architects with relevant models to follow when designing a beautiful house. The house is made with brilliant modern materials that provide one with pleasant feelings. The designers’ styles to come up with these unique drawings are also part of their own thoughts.

Contemporary House Design From The Best Architects of Bangalore

When it comes to the South of India especially Karnataka one could find a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours, landscapes, timelessness and heart-stopping beauty. The architectural beauty is one of the splendid sightseeing element here.
The architects of Bangalore have shown true loyalty to the beauty of architecture with their contemporary designed Houses which blend with the true spirit of Karnataka’s beautiful architecture.

Here’s a list of few architectural firms with their best architectural homes that inspired us

contemporary house design
1. Design integratus

Metal slated wood panels with rustic white colour combination brighten this contemporary house design

contemporary modern house design
2. Design Boulevard

Beautiful cladding fins is a trend among most of the award-wining architects in Bangalore for a contemporary modern house design as it is most suited for light and ventilation

architects in banglore
3. Design Boulevard

Wooden panels and CNC cut panels are perfectly combined to create an elegant house elevation

modern contemporary house design in banglore
4. Crest Architects

This modern contemporary house design in Bangalore features a design concept of floating walls. This innovative design is the result of sensible site response and the architecture of this home is inspired by this very principle.

simple contemporary house design in banglore
5. Gulshan Roy Architects

This two-level house design in Bangalore uses wall claddings, aluminium fins and a perfect colour combination to suit the climate there.

best residential architects in karnataka
6. Crest Architects

This luxury house from the best residential architects in Karnataka generates a cosmic experience to encounter the seamless drama of the sun, wind, water and nature through modern architectural vocabulary

house elevation
7. Ashwin Architects

With a brief relaxation space for the family that could be used by all members to unwind, the home is envisaged as a peaceful abode with such open spaces and greenery around it.

indian house front elevation designs
8. Maplusrs

This cubical shaped Indian house front elevation from the architects of Bangalore uses concrete and brickwork design to attract everyone

white contemporary bungalow design in banglore
9. Ochre Architects

Elongated projection and wide balconies with landscaping features capture the life of the client within the beautiful weather of Bengaluru.

house plan architects in bangalore
10. Ashwin Architects

The view of the building lies in the exterior projection and its simple colour combination of white and grey.

modern house front elevation designs
11. Gulshan Roy Architects

A minimalist response is achieved in this modern house front elevation by means of wooden texture claddings and CNC white panels with the grey, white and brown colour combination.

Architectural designs are storey buildings with extended wings like objects on them. These wings like objects make them beautiful and awesome. These homes are made beautiful by the architects’ efforts to transform the world. These home transformations have been facilitated by fast-changing technology worldwide.

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