If you live in Pune and are planning to construct a new home or alter the existing one. Or planning for any other development. Here are some steps to follow to get Approval or Permission for Home construction in Pune.

The Pune Municipal Corporation’s Building Permission department is in charge of issuing the necessary permits and certificates for all types of buildings, new and old. The department was established to ensure that construction within the municipality’s jurisdiction met all of the requirements of PMC laws and standards

The department reviews all building permit applications to ensure strict adherence to all applicable building/structural laws and building code requirements. It conducts inspections as required by building codes to ensure that work adheres to approved plans and layouts.
Enforcing these laws and assisting builders, architects, and stakeholder citizens, ensures that approved structures, in addition to being safe, will also stand the test of time. It has a cutting-edge system in place and has also developed a mobile application to streamline the entire process of plan review, inspection services, and final approvals.

Steps to Follow to get Approval or Permission for Home construction in Pune

Approval Process – 4 Stages

  • Pre-Approval stage
  • Commencement stage
  • Plinth Stage
  • Completion stage

Building plan approval is the process that a builder must go through in order to obtain the necessary permissions for the construction of buildings governed by building laws and regulations. According to the relevant provisions of the State Municipality Acts, any person is required to obtain proper advance sanction from the relevant local bodies prior to the desired construction activity. The process has been designed to make building plan approvals more efficient and timely. PMC accomplishes this through proper automation of technical scrutiny and effective file processing monitoring. Approval of building proposals, and approval of layout proposals are all part of the process. Plan processing and disposal

Documents Required for Building permission in Pune

  • Duly filled in application form (MRTP form & Development form)
  • Copy of registration of Licensed Engineer/Architect
  • Proof of Ownership document – latest copy of 7/12 extract/property card/ B. FORM (Applicable in TP Scheme)
  • Proposed building plan drawing – 5 copies
  • Demarcation copy (Within 4 years of application)
  • Copy of sanctioned layout (if applicable)
  • Zoning demarcation
  • NOC from Land acquisition department, PMC
  • Property Tax clearance certificate
  • Appointment letter of Structural Engineer
  • Title & search report
  • ULC order (If applicable)
  • Shapathpatra & Bandpatra (Rs.300/- Stamp paper)
  • Copy of Registered power of attorney
  • NOC from the water supply department (If applicable)
  • NOC from the fire service department (If applicable)
  • NOC from the Charity Commissioner (In case of Trust Property)
  • NOC from the Air Force department (If applicable)
  • NOC from Railways, MIDC, Maharashtra Pollution control Board, Central Pollution control Board,
  • The district executive magistrate (If Applicable)
  • NOC from the labour commissioner (If Applicable)
  • NOC from the Up Nibhandak/Deputy Registrar (applicable for Society redevelopment project)

Procedure for building permission in Pune

  • Procuring all required documents
  • Online application with Pre-dcr drawing to get Pre Approval
  • Offline submission of the file along with paid scrutiny challan & requisite documents to the Building development department
  • Scrutiny from the AutoDcr cell
  • Site visit by a Building Inspector
  • Development Charge and premium challans to be paid
  • After the above process one gets a Stamp on the blueprint & commencement certificate from PMC obtained

Plinth Stage

  • Duly filled Application form
  • Architect’s letter confirming the Completion of work only up to the Plinth level
  • Structural Engineer’s letter
  • Structural Design and Detailed drawings
  • Actual drawings of the Site and detail
  • Documents to be submitted may vary depending on the Proposal type

After receiving the plinth completion certificate, the building’s balance construction work begins. Which is carried out and completed by the Developer, resulting in the building’s completion. Building completion certificates are issued by the PMC upon completion of building work.

Building Completion Certificate

A building completion certificate is a legal document issued by PMC’s Building Development Department that certifies that the new building has been constructed and completed in accordance with all of the Buildings Act’s safety norms and regulations.

Documents needed for the completion certificate

  • Duly filled application form.
  • Building Completion certificate from a Licensed Architect/Engineer.
  • Structural Engineer’s letter.
  • NOC from the Property Tax department.
  • Completion Affidavit.
  • NOC from the Garden Department.
  • NOC from the Fire Department (if required).
  • NOC for elevator operation (if required).
  • NOC from the Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board (if required).
  • Part Completion Affidavit (Wherever applicable).
  • Solar system installation documents ( If applicable).
  • Sewage treatment (STP) NOC (if required).
  • Vermicomposting NOC.

However, some documents may vary depending on the site location

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) also through their website has given a list of documents that you need to have. The list of documents is bifurcated by the area.

To know the documents required for other areas visit this site: PMC document list as per zone

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