Regardless of size, the living room is often the hub for all interactions and encounters in a home. It is in the small living room where we gather friends or families. The living room holds the best memories of a home because it is in it that we share our presence.

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Creating a cozy atmosphere, is, therefore, essential when decorating this environment. If your living room is small and you have no idea where to start the journey of this decoration, we have separated-

Some tips that can help you make some decisions regarding your small living room:

The Couch

It is impossible to think of a living room and not think of a sofa to be on. I would say that the first step for those who want to set up a cosy living room decor is to think of a sofa suitable for the size of the environment. If your living room is small, invest in a two-seater sofa. Avoid sofas that recline or that are retractable, as they can end up taking up unnecessary space in your living room and reducing passageways, for example. When choosing a two-seater sofa, you will see that it can fit three people, and the environment will not be heavy with those striking separations that a three or four-seater sofa has.

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Another important aspect to consider when choosing a sofa is its colour. Look for sofas in sober colours to compose the decor, such as grey, beige, suede, brown, and graphite. But be careful: very dark colours tend to diminish the environment! However, if you already have the sofa and it is a darker shade, feel free to play around with throws and throw pillows. Make adjustments if it’s comfortable for you and your family.

If you think your living room is too small to accommodate two sofas, but a single sofa is not enough to embrace all the people who visit you, you can choose to have modern armchairs or chairs in your small living room. 

They can be next to each other, or they can be facing each other, or you can put one on each side of your rack. There are also puffs, which are super comfortable and easy to move. In short, the possibilities are many, and you can play around with the choices respecting your style.

The Carpet

The rug or rugs are super friendly to the composition of an environment at the time of decoration. You should pay attention, first of all, to your style and what is the function of the rug in your living room. Generally, the rug provides a cosier and even more relaxed atmosphere, allowing you and your guest to kick off your shoes and be more relaxed! A good choice, for example, is shag rugs that have a thicker weave.

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If you have pets, a good suggestion is to look for lighter rugs with lower threads, making them easier to clean and even put to wash. There are some tips you should use when choosing a rug that matches your living room decor: first, think of a rug that is close to or within the colour palette of your sofa. This step is important because you must attach your rug at least 10 or 15 centimetres under the sofa; this arrangement will give the impression that your room is larger. In addition, it is suggested that the rug be wider than the sofa.

After positioning your rug under the sofa, you can also layer it with another more colourful rug or with a pattern that matches the larger rug… there are several ways to combine rugs. Regarding prints, if your room is small, give preference to smaller prints, as very large
prints tend to take up more visual space in the environment. 

Also, if your rug is stripped, for example, the position you place it in can have a visually comforting effect. That is, if your room is longer and narrower, position your rug so that the stripes are vertical; if your room is shorter but wider, position your rug so that the stripes are horizontal. This placement enhances the proportion of your room. In addition, you can choose to place the other objects on top of the rug or partially, focusing on a more modern and relaxed environment.

Center table

The coffee table is a piece of furniture that makes up the style of the living room you choose. There are several tables of the most varied finishes. But the tips that we leave here are designed for small rooms, so abuse tables whose material is more refined, such as light metals and wood. You can also use a coffee table that is mirrored, as the reflection of other furniture causes the illusion of a larger room. In addition, there are coffee tables that are considered “invisible”, since their material is made of acrylic. 

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But if your room is very small, and you don’t want a table in the middle of the way, but you need support for control and for your popcorn bucket, you can opt for a corner table. Currently, we can find different models for each style, from corner tables with drawers that optimize the space of other utensils in the room, such as remote control, air conditioning control. Even small and light tables that fit on your sofa! Look for a table that suits your style and environment.

The Curtains

Curtains make up the wide spectrum of decor next to the sofa and rugs, that’s because, generally, they cover the windows, and the light that enters your room can (or not) illuminate and increase the environment. When thinking about the curtain, it is ideal that it be of light colour that allows light to pass into the space, even if it is closed. Therefore, give preference to white, beige, and off-white curtains.

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Also, think about the size; although you should follow your style and what fits in your pocket, invest in a curtain that goes almost to the
floor and completely covers the width of your window. In this way, you give the environment a certain elongation and an illusion of greater spatiality. In addition, light curtains make the environment more refined, regardless of the style you decide to follow.

The Rack

The rack or bookcase that will make up your living room is the piece of furniture where your attention will be directed for a certain time since it is usually where we place the television and objects of our predilection. The rack should follow the style line you have chosen and should also speak to large objects, such as the rug and the sofa. There are several racks of different models on the market, and you can choose according to your preference. There are shelves that are retro and have a vintage style and that have narrow feet, allowing you to see the floor below; this is, for example, a great option for those who have a small room, as seeing the continuity of the floor causes an effect.

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Another style that provides this same illusion of a larger room is the suspended rack, which has no feet. Finally, there are also racks that are narrower but reach the floor. A good tip if you choose the floor-standing rack is to place one end of the rug under this piece of furniture, so your living room will be quite elongated, as one piece of the rug will be under the sofa and the other under the rack!

The Walls

Your small living room walls can be just as welcoming as everything else. If you choose paintings, try to vary the sizes and play with the quantities, but be careful not to overcrowd your wall and end up reducing its space with many figures. Give preference to longer and narrower frames. 

false ceiling design square

Another good option is the mirrors, as used in New City Wah homes. Opt for long mirrors that occupy a space perpendicular to your wall. If this style is not within your option or budget, you can combine the elongated frames with mirrors in the same format. Mirrors, as mentioned above, have the effect of increasing the spatiality of your living room.

Finally, we indicate light colours on the walls as well, as this will facilitate the process of discovering your style and the combination of furniture with each other. If you start your decoration with a very colourful wall or with a lot of information, you may find it difficult to
choose a sofa, puffs, coffee table, rugs, and curtains. Whether in the decoration of the walls. So, when your living room is completely decorated, you will see that there is still a very special place to leave that portrait of friends and family!

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