A house plan is just a portrayal of what a prospective home would look like when it is complete. A homes orientation is an important factor for the future of those seeking homes and planning to build one. The direction of your home will affect the amount of sunlight it receives, as well as energy efficiency, heating and cooling costs, home maintenance, power flow and more.

What do you mean by North Facing House Plans?

A north-facing house plan is one in which the main entrance of the house is towards the north direction.

Benefits of North Facing homes:
– Houses on the north side usually receive direct sunlight behind the building. As a result, a house in the north may be warmer than a house in the summer.
– In warmer climates, north-facing homes can benefit from lower costs when temperatures rise during the summer.
-For outdoor spaces: If you prefer to rest, relax, and recreate where it’s a bit cooler, a north-facing yard might be just the spot for a patio, deck, or grill

Here are some 15+ Indian Style North Facing House plans designed for those who prefer to have north-facing homes:

A simple north facing house design with pooja room best designed under 600 sq ft

An ideal retreat for a small family who wish to have a small 1 bhk house in 780 sq ft

This north facing house plan is beautifully designed with three bedrooms and spacious rooms.

Well fitted in 32 x 62 ft with spacious room, this plan has scope for further development on the first floor as well.

5. PLAN HDH 1047AD

A 2 bedroom north facing floor plan with one bedroom on the ground floor and another on the first floor.

A spacious 1 bedroom north facing house plan with an external staircase well fitted in the plan.

7. Plan HDH 1051A

How about a 3 bedroom North facing plan. This beautifully designed plan comes under 2000 sq ft

Fitted in a square plot with spacious 3 bedrooms and spacious rooms.

Built-in a rectangular shape this north-facing floor plan has only one bedroom and a pooja room.

A well planned north facing 2 BHK house plan under 1000 sq ft with spacious living space kitchen, working area and sit out

With a spacious living room, spacious bedroom and open courtyard this well-articulated north facing house plan with pooja room are best suited for middle-class families.

Two-bedroom north facing house plans is as per Vastu and fits best under 2000 sq ft

Fitted in 30×54 ft is a 2 bhk north facing house plan in 1500 sq ft

Well articulated North facing house plan with pooja room under 1500 sq ft

This is a beautifully built north facing plan as per Vastu. And this 2 bhk plan is best fitted under 1000 sq ft.

This 2 bedroom north facing house floor plan is best fitted into 52 X 42 ft in 2231 sq ft

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