Duplex house plans are residential homes that are constructed on two floors. In India, duplex houses have a combination of 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms.

Why duplex house plans under 2000 sq ft?

When it comes to middle-class Indians, who prefer to have independent homes. They go for a small plot of land ranging from 700 sq ft to 2000 sq ft. In this plot size following the govt regulation, the best one can construct is up to 2000 sq ft(duplex). In some cases, you can construct more (if plot size ranges from 1100 sq ft. to 2000 sq ft)

Here are some duplex house plans ideas under 2000 sqft that one can construct if they have a small plot:

1. Plan THDH 1025AD

An East facing home with a spacious 1 bhk plan on the ground floor and a master bedroom with a spacious terrace on the first floor.

2. Plan THDH 1032AD

This 3 bhk duplex house plan has a built-up area of 1500 sqft with 750 sqft on the ground floor and the rest on the first floor. However, the plot of this bungalow is more than 2000 sq ft. But in this plot, the garden area is given prime importance and therefore the house is fitted in 18 X 43 ft

3. Plan THDH 1048BGF

Well fitted in a plot size of 25 X 40 ft. This 2 bhk duplex house plan has a built-up area of less than1500 sq ft.

4. Plan THDH 1004A2D

Planned in 1700 sq ft this 4 bhk duplex house plan has spacious rooms. It consists of two bedrooms on the ground floor and another two bedrooms on the first floor.

5. Plan THDH 1047D

How about a 3bhk house plan in 1300 sq ft? This house plan is one the good choice if anyone wants to opt. With ample parking and garden space. This 3 bedroom house with 1 bedroom one on the ground floor and two of them on the first floor.

6. Plan THDH 1010AD

Wondering how to plan for a nuclear family that has more than 4 members. Then take a look at this 4bhk duplex house plan. Thoughtfully articulated

7. Plan THDH 1041AD

A 2 bhk duplex house plan differently arranged. In this the ground floor consists of large living and kitchen space, while first floor comprises of two bedrooms

8. Plan THDH 1047AD

Well planned in 22 X 32 ft is a 2 bhk house with beautiful garden space and parking area.

9. Plan THDH 1051AD

If opting for a built-up area of more than 1500 sq ft and would like to have spacious 3 bedroom plan. Then this plan can best suit you. With 2 master bedrooms and guest bedroom on the first floor and Spacious living and kitchen with a utility on the ground fulfilling all your needs.

10. Plan THDH 1041BD

4 wheeler parking space with spacious Living room U shaped kitchen, and two bedrooms with attached toilet completes a full 2 bhk duplex house design

11. Plan THDH 1041CD

Well fitted in 1400 sq ft this duplex house design has two bedrooms and spacious rooms.

12. Plan THDH 1049AD

A 2-floor house plan with 1 bhk plan on the ground floor and another 1 bhk plan on the first floor. Best suited for those who rent out their homes

13. Plan THDH 1048CD

If you plan to go for a west-facing independent home. Then this 3 bhk duplex house plan can be one of the choices.

14. Plan THDH 1047CD

A double bedroom house plan design in 850 sq ft. With one bedroom on the ground floor and another bedroom on the first floor.

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