The design trends that fall in between traditional and contemporary design form are called modern house design. It takes the best design ideas from the past and fuses them with modern technology. It neither represents an old traditional style nor the latest (especially a futuristic design style).

How much cost to build a modern house design ?

From the perspective of an architect, they are not as costly as many thinks. With proper architectural consultation, one could easily reduce their cost. The main problem with the people is that they are unaware of the roles played by architects and end up designing their houses from local civil engineers. This approach leads to high cost. However, the cost factor is also dependent on many factors from the availability of materials to labour cost.

Features of modern house design

There are many features that architects consider while designing a modern house. These are some of the few features that will help you to get an idea and these features if observed clearly are reflected in the images below

  • Large expanses of glass
  • Rectangular exterior
  • Monochromatic colour scheme
  • Flat or slanted roof design
  • Geometric elements
  • Wide opening and projection
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Ventilation oriented planning
  • Open floor plans

Check out this beautiful exterior design to get an idea.

The exterior design of this house is a perfect example to showcase how small house can be designed.

A simplistic white material palette is adopted to match the minimalistic exterior design and with the use of k rendering technique this house becomes exceptional

This house elevation experiences a rythmic succesion of spaces. Here every architectural feature melts to form a congrous whole.

The elevation design of this house aligns with the locational climate and geography and the front elevation is created in harmony with nature and the surroundings, which as a notion form the basis of the design.

This elevation is a typical example of the modern house design. The house features a beautiful colour combination of red and white. With vertical projections, they tend to create a pattern. The panels on the walls give this house an aesthetic and artistic feature.

With a deep desire for the architect’s love for crafty construction work and free-flowing spaces, this modern house elevation is inspirational.

This small modern house design is well crafted with ample windows and spacious balconies. With an attractive colour combination and projections, this house captures attention.

This simple modern house design feature’s attractive balcony designs and window projections. The elegant use of colour creates an innate sense of design and elegance.

If you wish to go for a small modern house design then this could be one of the front elevation design you can definitely try. It’s just simple and beautiful.

With a large exterior look this house is best suited for people with large family. But this us a typical modern exterior design that you could find in India.