If you’re thinking about house construction cost in Pune, it’s critical to understand the direct and indirect expenditures involved. While these expenses may vary depending on the exact location, labour rates, and raw material costs, having a rough idea would be helpful.

While housing units in a gated community provide a wide range of amenities and services, they are not custom-built. As a result, many individuals prefer independent homes because it allows them to personalise their spaces according to their preferences and convenience. The construction of a house, on the other hand, poses unique obstacles. It not only need a great deal of patience, but it also necessitates detailed construction estimates in order to avoid financial mismanagement. In most cases, homeowners are either unaware of or unconcerned about the cost of growth. As a result, a number of issues develop, ranging from cost increases to lower building quality.

Here are some factors that play a major role in the house construction cost in Pune-

Plot Layout in Pune

The first step in constructing a house in Pune is the layout of the plot. A design plan for the specified land must be created by an architect or designer. A layout drawing comprises many rooms which include living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, WC, terraces balconies and many other places. However, the architect or design engineer will charge a price for their services, which is largely determined by the size of the land. If the plot is 1,000 square feet and you wish to build a house having a built-up area of 1000 sq ft, the architect might charge you Rs 15 to Rs 20/sqft. However, there may be a small difference in rates depending on the architect’s popularity.

Regulatory Laws- Under PMRDA, PMC, Panchayat

The building rules vary in Pune itself. If your plot is located in the core Pune city you need to take sanction from the Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) and if your plot is located outside the ambit of PMC then it’s under Pune Municipal Regional Development Authority (PMRDA). You can check out the PMRDA Map to know whether your plot is located under PMRDA. When your plot doesn’t fit in any of these then you should assume your plot to be located in the Panchayat area. So depending upon the location and the complexity of the area you could have a cost overrun.

Construction- The Main Part

Civil and finishing are the two main parts of the construction. A large chunk of construction cost is dependent on this. Civil works include the construction cost while finishing include door, windows, tiles etc

Civil cost

The raw materials required in the building of the plinth, walls, roof, boundary wall, parapet, flooring, and plastering is mostly included in the civil cost. Bricks, cement, concrete, sand, and RCC reinforced steel are among the most common raw materials. However, estimating the quantity of raw materials is challenging because it is highly dependent on the structure’s design. Furthermore, the civil cost includes shuttering, contractor, and labour costs.

Here hiring a very transparent and experienced contractor is a must. In Pune, if you consider our Team of The House Design Hub it could be a perfect choice as we have an in-house team of young architects and engineers who construct homes in a transparent way with the use of latest tech.

The construction cost in Pune in 2022 have surged due to many factors. In 2022 home construction cost in Pune starts from Rs 1400/ sq ft to Rs 2000/sq ft (Material+Labour) for residential homes. Trustworthy sites like Property.todaypricerates & forums like No-Broker have also quoted in the same range.

Overall the cost of construction may increase if one fails to choose the right contractor. As home construction is a long process and if one chooses an unprofessional contractor then it will be painful for the client to handle the situation. And the best part will be going for a professional contractor ie an engineer turned contractor or an architect turned contractor. Such people will help you to build your home smoothly.

Finishing Cost

Door, windows, tiles, electric fittings, sanitary fittings, pop work and grillwork are some examples of finishing work. The finishing cost typically ranges depending on the amenities and luxuries included. Furthermore, labour charges such as electrician, plumber, tile mason, carpenter, painter, and polisher are included in finishing costs. The cost of civil work, as well as the finishing charges, make up the majority of a house’s building cost. As a result, the typical building cost of a 1,000 sq ft home might range from Rs 1,400 to Rs 5,000 per sq ft, as per sources. Depending on the luxury item one chooses the price may go beyond Rs 5000/ sq ft

Architects, contractors and engineers are usually the ones who could provide construction cost estimates.

Temporary Works

This includes electricity and water charges, clearing site, installing temporary barricades, sheds and other miscellaneous costs which are not included in the above two.

In short, construction is a complex process and hiring the right person/firm to construct is a more complex process.
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