Why planning a kitchen layout is necessary ?

The kitchen is one of the areas of the house where family bonding is very visible. This is where we cook and sometimes spend a little chit chat with the family while we are preparing foods. And just when you are starting to plan on how to make a kitchen layout, you would never want the kitchen to be paid less attention to.

How to design a kitchen layout in India? What steps are to be taken before planning a kitchen layout?

Planning for a kitchen layout is such a dream come true. But, you might probably find making a kitchen layout quite difficult and tricky. Well, there are some simple steps and suggestions that you can follow on how to make a kitchen layout.

  • First: Right before starting the entire layout of the kitchen, you have to take into account the area’s comfort, order and efficiency of the space. With this, you have to search for functional and good quality items that are needed for the kitchen such as kitchen storage, countertops, DIY products, appliances, doors, lighting and others. Of course, when you get to the point of placing them altogether in their organized places, it’s a little bit intricate but very vital, as well

  • Second: You have to measure and take note of the existing walls, doors and windows. This is important to provide you with an idea about the sizes of the services you need to put up in a kitchen.
  • Third: You need to identify the kitchen layout that fits your floor plan. There are certain kitchen layout suggestions for you to consider, such as galley kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, and the G-shaped kitchen

Types of Kitchen Layouts Best suited for Indian Houses

(a) : One-Wall Kitchen
All the kitchen appliances, storage and cabinets are arranged along one wall. The ideal measurement of the wall is at least 8 feet. You need to have this wall measurement otherwise, all your kitchen appliances will not be settled.

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(b) : Galley Kitchen
Galley kitchen differs from a one-wall kitchen because it usually consists of two walls facing each other. In this type of layout, you need to walk through the centre of the area in order to get through. This kind of parallel kitchen interior design is well suited for compact houses

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(c) : U-Shaped Kitchen
U-shaped kitchen is another layout where three adjoining walls are forming a “U”. This type of U shaped kitchen interior design layout is considered to be effective since everything is close at hand and no traffic, as well.

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(d) : L- Shaped Kitchen
L or double L kitchen also vary from the rest because it involves two adjoining walls forming “L”. This L shaped kitchen interior is most common in indian homes

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(e) : G- Shaped Kitchen
G-shaped, another type of kitchen layout is similar to the U-shaped kitchen interior design. The only difference is, you are placing an additional cabinet or counter that makes the design G-shaped.

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(f) : Island -Modular Kitchen
The ideal design of an Island Modular Kitchen is a combination of a straight L shaped layout having a disconnected island in the centre. The island is mostly hob, you can select a layout to use it as a dry-working zone or breakfast table.

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  • Fourth: Given the choices of kitchen layouts, you will proceed to the fourth step which is, designing a work triangle. The work triangle is an imaginary view that connects three places where you perform and focus your important task in the kitchen—cleaning, cooking, and storage. Your appliances and countertops that are moved with your work triangle should not be too close or too far apart.

Lastly, let all the things you have planned on how to make a kitchen design be finalized and placed on graph paper. Whatever your choice of layout and design, it is also best to consider working it with a kitchen designer that will enhance your selection of appropriate cabinetry. With all these in mind, for sure you are absolutely going to have the best kitchen in town that meets your satisfaction.



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