Color schemes play a major role in decorating the home, especially in the kitchen. When going for color combination for kitchen the designers usually prefer white or light colors because they reflect daylight better. And depending on the rest of the room, some would choose bright colors as well.

When choosing a color scheme for the kitchen, you will want to consider the space available (walls, ceiling, etc.), the lifestyle of the owners, the amount of natural light, and the color of their existing appliances.

You have a great space for cooking, dining, eating, relaxing and gathering. You need a good color scheme that would complement each other and bring out the best features.

Here are some tips on choosing two color combination for kitchen

Colors should work together.

  • If you want to bring out the natural beauty and warmth of the kitchen then go for warm tones like red, orange, yellow and brown. These colors will make the overall look warmer than any cool tone colors
  • Cool colors like blue, green, gray and black add a modern touch and are perfect for kitchens with contemporary design. Colors should not clash. If everything in your kitchen is either white or dark in color then it might look awkward. So, mix and match the colors.
  • Choose complementary colors. Color theory says that if two colors are opposite to each other then they will create balance. A red wall next to a yellow countertop creates unity among the elements. Similarly, a yellow wall next to a blue cupboard adds unity to the kitchen’s overall appearance.

Example 1 – Red and green – red is a primary colour (brightest) while green is a secondary colour (darker). Therefore, if these two colours are combined together it creates a third colour called yellow (complimentary), which appears between those two primary colours. Yellow and red create orange and yellow and blue create purple. When you combine all three colours together, they create white. White is the opposite of black (grey) therefore it is a neutral colour.

  • Pick the right lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures play a major role in the look and feel of your kitchen. Opting for the wrong kind will only confuse the eye. Darker colored ceilings and walls can cause visual fatigue and makes the room appear smaller than it actually is. On the contrary, bright lights will give off a fun vibe and bring out the personality of your kitchen
  • Warm colours and cool colours – warm colours are generally bright oranges, yellows and reds. Cool colours are generally blues and greens.

Here are some of the best two color combinations for kitchen you can choose from

1} Blue and White Kitchen color combination for kitchen
white and blue color combination
2} Black and Red Kitchen color combination for kitchen
black and red kitchen
3} Green and White Kitchen color combination
color combination for kitchen
4} Yellow and Orange Kitchen color combination
yellow and orange kitchen
5} Brown and Black Kitchen color combination
6} Green and Pink Kitchen color combination
pink and green kitchen
7} Blue and Grey Kitchen color combination
blue and grey kitchen

Keep it simple! Don’t go overboard with patterns or crazy designs. Sometimes less is more!

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