Modern interiors must feature five basic design elements namely: simplicity, technology, functionality, use of open spaces and above all, addition or integration of the homeowner’s character and personality into the design. Modern Indian homes are very stylish, warm and very inviting to the guests and family members using the given room.

Neutral colour palettes, clean lines as well as geometrical shapes are some of the best features of modern Indian house interior design that make them stand out. In addition to keeping the design as simple as possible, it must also be extremely clutter-free for an environment that is free from stress. And such design elements will enhance the beauty of Indian living room interior design

1. Living room

In addition to decorating the interiors with minimal accessories and artwork while using clean lines to keep the room simple, it must also be decorated for functionality by ensuring that all items added in the room are both decorative and functional.

For instance, a white set of sectional sofas or sofa sets is decorative to add an elegant touch to modern Indian living room and functionality to accommodate a certain number of people.

2. Apartment living room design theme

The modern Indian interiors should not just be easy to access but the items in them should also be easy to use. As another example, a modern Indian style kitchen should be simple and clutter-free with all kitchen items hidden yet still easy to access when needed. The kitchen is also very spacious to allow for enough working space.

3. Open island modular kitchen

Modern interiors are also furnished with electronics to add a modern feel to the interior space. In the case of kitchens, appliances made of stainless steel is just perfect.

Flat-screen TVs that are small in size can be added into kitchens in order to keep the lines clean while streamlining the design as much as possible. The chosen electronics must perfectly fit into the given space with those large in size being used in spacious rooms and vice versa.

Other streamlined electronics that can be used in modern interiors like living room, island modular kitchen are DVD players and computers among others which must be inbuilt into the specific rooms to ensure that the clean lines are maintained.

Open spaces are easy to achieve in open-plan floors; this does not mean that rooms with doors cannot be designed to have space.

Furniture, colour and fabrics can be used to create an illusion of open space. In terms of furniture, the size should be as small as possible to ensure that the interiors appear larger than they are since large pieces of furniture occupy so much space thus making the room appear smaller.

Colours that are lighter in shade such as white or any other lighter shades of bright colours will make the room appear larger than they really are. Just like the two discussed above, the right choice of fabrics can also create an illusion of spacious modern interiors.

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