Is garden edging necessary? You might be asking this after coming across edged gardens, but you are still determining due to your garden’s size or budget. Garden edging is necessary regardless of the size of your garden. This is because the edging defines boundaries between elements like flower beds, lawns, vegetable plots, and pathways. It helps organize the garden by preventing the plants from encroaching on one another. Besides, it controls weed growth, prevents erosion, and enhances the outlook. 

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But to achieve the mentioned, you must use the best edging material. You can use various materials ranging from wood to plastic. Considering the factors below will assist you in choosing the most suitable material for garden edging. 


You will start by considering durability because you want edging material that can serve its purpose for a long. Doing so will save money and time because you will not replace it often. Material like square strips of softwood made from redwood, cedar, and cypress are among the most suitable. The material is naturally resistant to rot and decay. In addition, it allows water to pass through, unlike concrete, plastic, or metal, which can hold water and pool, damaging the plants. 

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Ease of Installation

Consider the ease of installation during your selection process, especially if DIY projects aren’t your forte. Choosing a material like wood would be best because it is easy to cut. In addition, wood is versatile as you can cut it to create different styles. You will research garden-edging inspiration ideas online and then measure the garden’s perimeter. Doing so before you start cutting the wood is essential. You will then cut the wood to size using a saw blade, after which you will install using screws or nails. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Garden edging’s purpose stretches beyond functional elements; it should also improve your garden’s aesthetics. For that reason, you should consider and choose visually appealing material. Such material will create a sense of order in the garden by defining different areas. It also complements existing décor, especially if you want to tie the garden to the general décor of your house. But while it is, you will consider other factors like the style of your garden and its color to avoid clashing colors. You will also consider the texture since some edging materials come with a smooth finish while others are rough. 

Is Garden Edging Necessary? Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing the Edging Material Design Stories


Consider the cost, especially when operating on a shoestring budget. In addition, you should consider the maintenance cost as it will increase the total amount you will spend on gardening edging. Doing so will help you get functional material that is aesthetically appealing without spending much. Edging materials like square strips of softwood are among the most affordable.You should research and compare prices among different stores for a better deal when buying it. 

Edging is essential because it keeps your garden in order, besides preventing soil erosion. In addition, it enhances your garden’s visual appeal. But this calls for a durable material that can serve both purposes. Therefore, it will help to use the information you have read and select the most garden edging material. 

FAQs about Garden Edging

Is garden edging really necessary for my garden?

Yes, garden edging is essential regardless of your garden’s size or budget. It defines boundaries between different garden elements, prevents plant encroachment, controls weed growth, and enhances the overall look of your garden.

What are the benefits of using durable edging materials?

Durable edging materials, such as redwood, cedar, and cypress, save you money and time in the long run as they don’t require frequent replacement. They are also naturally resistant to rot and decay, unlike materials like concrete, plastic, or metal.

How difficult is it to install garden edging?

The ease of installation depends on the chosen material. Wood is a popular choice because it’s easy to cut and install, making it suitable for DIY projects. You can find inspiration online for different styles and shapes.

Why should I consider the aesthetic appeal of edging materials?

Aesthetic appeal matters because garden edging not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances your garden’s visual appeal. Choosing visually appealing materials can create a sense of order and complement your garden’s overall décor.

What should I keep in mind when budgeting for garden edging?

When budgeting for garden edging, consider both the initial cost of materials and their long-term maintenance expenses. Affordable options like square strips of softwood are available, and it’s wise to compare prices from different stores to get the best deal.

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