A new house of course is a cherished and emotional dream that people keep on thinking about for their whole life. The thought of being able to build own house can be exciting, but sometimes it can be very challenging. As it depends on a variety of factors from location to planning, to get approvals, price escalations etc
Here are a few points that one should consider for home construction in Pune –

1) Legal Approval of the Property

The most important measure before starting the construction process is the complete takeover of the land. A complete legal process that identifies you as the site owner, or any legal process that gives you control of the site. If you’re wondering why this is so important, we’ll tell you that most funding sources won’t release any funds until and until you have control over the site.

These include –
a) 7/12
b) Property map
c) Country designation
d) Name and search report
e) All mutation records (transfer)
f) Community credentials
g) Sales deed, etc

2) Project Finance

No project can succeed if the finances are bad. So before you start building processes, make sure you have strong funding. Not all pennies can be prepared and at hand, the least you can do is ensure that your financial parties can meet your needs immediately. There are many banks that offer constructive and other project financings.

Keep these documents beforehand so that you won’t face any problems with loan:

a) Land ownership documents (mentioned above )
b) Pan card
c) Aadhar card
d) 3 years IT return statement
e) Project estimate
f) Blueprints
g) Documents of mortgage
h) Salary slip

3) Architectural Drawings & Building Plan Approvals

Before starting construction it is necessary to take prior approval from the concerned authorities. Usually, the architect can get it done on your behalf. And the documents required for approval vary as per the zone. Check this link, you will get a rough idea of the documents you need in Pune.

Area-wise documents: http://hardcastlespatial.com/kml/PMC-BP-Doc-Map.html

4) Site Clearance & Arranging Water and Electricity connection

The site should be cleared and space should be arranged for storing construction materials. And the site owner is also responsible to arrange electricity connections and water connections.

5) Project Management Plan

As you complete the various components of the project, you will need to invest your time in adapting elite project management methods and plans to implement them. If you want to keep your project on track, your team must know what to plan and be prepared to implement it effectively. In this regard, we the premium home construction service in Pune –The House Design Hub work according to the work schedule so-called Bar chart.

We plan our activities with regard to site conditions, eg complete analysis of the site and study of relevant drawings and then design a proper work schedule convenient for the client as well. This proper way helps the client to release payment in a timely manner and get ample time for material selection as well. We plan our activities in relation to different speed techniques, such as if slab work is going on the 3rd floor then masonry work on the 1st floor is done simultaneously.

building contractors in pune

6) Good Consultants

The two main consultants a client should choose properly are:
1) A Design architect
2) A contractor
The rest of the consultants are usually chosen by the architect itself which includes-
a) Laisoning Agency
b) Structural Engineer
c) Plumbing & Electrical Consultant (MEP)
However liaisoning agency can be chosen by the client. And when it comes to the interior of the house, the design architect needs to be paid extra for that. So it’s up to the client to go with the existing architect or choose a new interior designing company like Livspace, Homelane etc

2) Contractor
The most challenging task as, they execute your dream home. So it is necessary to choose one who is trustworthy, systematic, friendly, maintains transparency and is budget-friendly. If you are in Pune looking for home construction you can check out :
The House Design Hub

bungalow construction package in pune

7) Time- Commencement of the Construction

This is the subset of the Project Management Plan and is calculated by the Contractor and Architect. When it comes to Designing and laisoning work the architect will specify the duration. Usually, a bungalow sanction in Pune requires at least 45 days, the architect will specify the exact time required as per your documents.

Once all floor plans and 3d elevations are ready the Building contractor comes into the picture. Based on the site condition and the inputs that the client provides, the contractor makes a bar chart. The Bar chart is nothing but a simple work schedule specifying the duration of works part by part and also mentioning the Final date of completion. Here’s a bar chart/ work schedule of the project executed by The House Design Hub:

Building a new home is a lengthy process, but what differentiates it from buying an already built one is that you will be present from the very beginning till the end. Seeing your dream home brick by brick is a pleasure like no other. A bond or bond made in the house will last longer than one brought. But if you don’t plan it well and stick to it, the adventure of the experience can be frustrating.