The interior design business has become very fashionable over time. As such, many consumers seek inspiration for their home décor projects through various sources. But before lets us be clear about

Who is an interior designer?

Interior designers create interiors for homes or offices, creating spaces where people live, work, play, relax, and study. They also provide consulting services for space planning, furniture layout, and colour selection.

interior design business

Interior designers primarily work to solve problems and improve environments through their designs. The job requires creativity, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of architecture, building codes, building regulations, and construction standards.

Scope of Interior design business

You can make anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 per year if your interior designing business is good enough. Interior design is a growing field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for interior decorators is expected to increase by 16% from 2012 to 2023.


Interior design is a unique career path where creativity meets practicality. The BLS reports that the median annual salary for interior designers was $44,590 in 2018, with higher pay expected for those who specialize in commercial projects.

Getting Started

To get started with interior design, you’ll want to take an online course on interior design. After learning, you need to build a portfolio of your own designs, even if they’re just sketches, drawings, or paintings. Next, start applying for jobs and get at least a year of experience. During this time you will gain knowledge of on-site work & its procedure and also make sure to perfect your design skill using software

Factors to consider: How to start an Interior design business in 2023

1. Do your Research

If you’re thinking of starting an interior design business, now is the time to find out who else is doing what you want to do and whether you’ll need to compete with them.
a) Start reading blogs and magazines related to your field and take note of trends and styles that are popular right now.
b) Do a market study – Places where the interior products are available
Basic Pricing of products used in interior designing eg types of tiles and their starting price range, types of wood
used for furniture its price range
The purchasing power of people where you will be starting your firm

How to Start an Interior Design Business in 2023 Design Stories

2. Have clarity on the Fees & Pricing Structure

When looking for clients, be clear about your fees and pricing structure, as well as any additional costs involved in your services. Make sure to know exactly what you will offer before you begin, since many potential clients may not give you a chance if they feel you’re charging too much. Look for ways to add value to your service – perhaps you could do free estimates to help with budgeting. Or you could recommend products that would help the client save time and money.

3. Decide how much money you have to spend

Prepare a proper budget plan. If you are planning to rent an office, be clear about its other cost ie electricity bill, maintenance bill etc. You can save your money on furnishing by making it minimal. And allocating your budget in case of contingency

4. Is an office needed?

If you are planning to have the interior setup in cities. Then have a look into co-working space. The benefits of co-working are immense as it will give you fully furnished meeting rooms good working space and a vibe for clients. Co-working will help you to build your contacts. And if you already have enough contacts then you can opt for an office in any commercial space


5. Be ready with your Portfolio

To showcase to clients the work you are good at, you need to have a portfolio. Even if you don’t have any projects executed, no problem. Make a portfolio of 3D Rendered designs.

interior design portfolio

6. Be creative

The best way to stand out is to find ways to bring your personal style into your work. Don’t worry about being trendy; instead, focus on making sure your designs are practical and affordable. Remember, clients want to see results, not necessarily that you’re using some crazy technique or expensive designer item.

7. Get organized

Before you begin designing, get yourself organized and make sure you’re prepared. Put together a schedule and stick to it. Keep track of everything you need to do and create visual guides that show exactly how you want things to unfold. Also, write down notes, sketches, and measurements so you won’t forget anything.

8. Build relationships with interior product vendors & Contractors

Frequently visit such local businesses and individuals to gain experience and show off what you’ve learned. A lot of interior designers find success by doing small projects for friends and family first while showing them samples of their work, and then moving on to larger corporate endeavours

interior design business

9. Use Social Media Extensively

Having an online presence is very much needed in today’s world. Some tips you need to follow
a) Build a website
b) Showcase your 3D-rendered projects on social media platforms.
c) Make informative videos on social media related to interior designing eg Tips to choose the best tiles…
d) Use Paid ads at least once
e) Create engagement with the audience by conducting q & sessions online. This will help increase your interior design firms presence

How to Start an Interior Design Business in 2023 Design Stories

10. Identify your USP

Make sure while promoting your interior design business there needs to be a USP. For example, if you are good at designing commercial spaces or good at designing home interiors. Then marketing should be that way.

interior design business usp

The above methods and factors of how to start an interior decorating business will undoubtedly help you reach your goals, but you must keep in mind that your business can only flourish if you put more effort than you have. Entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, must work hard. Instead of focusing on time, consider your income and what you have to give.

The bottom line is that, if you give it your all, we can assure you that you will soon surpass all of your expectations. But unless you start, none of that matters.

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