Modern architectural homes have distinct designs. They focus on simplicity. To achieve a great and modern design, you need to ensure that you pick all the right textures and colours and make use of clean lines.

Modern architecture uses different styles: Neo-Victorian, Neo-Mediterranean, Neo-Classical, Neo-Colonial, Bungalow, Art Deco, French Eclectic, Craftsman, Postmodern, A-Frame and Contemporary.

The design of modern architectural homes is primarily based on function. The different designs of modern houses are meant to work for individual homeowners. The designs incorporate the owners’ tastes, preferences, lifestyles and professions. This is a really good approach to making these houses their homes.

The Design

The design of these houses is focused on minimalism as well as technology. The type of modern technology incorporated in these houses is mainly glass, steel and concrete. At other times, the modern house designs may integrate a hint of old historical house designs. Modern houses have a distinct streamlined look that is also smooth.

The Colors Scheme

The basic colours used in modern homes are neutral colours together with bold and bright accents. Modern decorating does not use pastel colours. Any colour that the homeowner chooses for their modern home should complement all the others.

The colours should also balance each other. The colour palettes for the modern house design include silver, cherry red, white and black; brown, orange and cream; mocha brown together with ivory; charcoal, cobalt blue, white and slate; gray, bright yellow and white; and so many others.

The Lighting

All modern architectural homes use very good lighting. The structural design of these houses appears to be almost translucent. Common types of lights used in these houses are : lights that have dimmers, wall lights, pin lights, spotlights, up lights and others.

Modern Architectural Homes Decorating Ideas

Textures, as well as patterns used for modern homes, are those that have clean lines; those highly recommended are abstracts, solids, geometric patterns and stripes.

Animal prints can also be used subtly on house rugs and any other accessory. Modern design does not agree with ruffles or laces.

Windows of these architectural homes are mainly of glass with framings of aluminium. Some creative ones use wood as well. These houses have wide windows that allow natural light inadequate measures to seep into the house.

Modern architectural homes do not have crowded spaces. They are all about open spaces. Some come with high ceilings and minimal furniture which you need.

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