Tennessee, known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage, is also home to a variety of small modern houses that embrace innovative design principles. These homes showcase the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and efficient use of space. In this blog, we will explore 20 remarkable examples of small modern houses in Tennessee, highlighting their unique features, architectural designs, and the allure of contemporary living on a smaller scale. Get ready to be inspired by these compact yet stylish dwellings that redefine the concept of modern living.

small modern house

1. Minimalist Retreat in Nashville: Simple Elegance in a Compact Space

small modern house

Nashville’s minimalist retreats are characterized by clean lines, open floor plans, and a focus on simplicity. These small modern houses maximize space efficiency without compromising on style. With their sleek interiors and thoughtful design, minimalist retreats in Nashville offer a serene and elegant living environment, perfect for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle.

2. Contemporary Cottage in Chattanooga: Cozy Charm with Modern Flair

small modern house

Chattanooga’s contemporary cottages combine the cozy charm of traditional cottages with modern design elements. These small houses feature open-concept layouts, large windows for natural light, and smart storage solutions. With their inviting interiors and modern flair, contemporary cottages in Chattanooga provide a comfortable and stylish living experience, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of tradition and contemporary design.

3. Sustainable Haven in Knoxville: Eco-Friendly Living in Small Spaces

small modern houses

Knoxville’s sustainable havens exemplify the growing trend of eco-friendly living in compact homes. These small modern houses incorporate sustainable materials, energy-efficient systems, and green design principles. With their emphasis on sustainability and reduced environmental impact, sustainable havens in Knoxville offer a conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on comfort or style.

4. Industrial Chic Loft in Memphis: Urban Living with a Modern Twist

small modern house

Memphis’ industrial chic lofts redefine urban living in a small space. These converted industrial buildings feature open floor plans, exposed brick walls, and contemporary finishes. With their blend of raw industrial elements and modern design, industrial chic lofts in Memphis offer a unique living experience that caters to those seeking an edgy and stylish urban lifestyle.

5. Scandinavian-inspired Dwelling in Franklin: Simplicity and Serenity in Small Spaces

small modern house

Franklin’s Scandinavian-inspired dwellings capture the essence of simplicity and serenity. These small modern houses feature light-filled interiors, natural materials, and a minimalistic aesthetic. With their clean lines and understated elegance, Scandinavian-inspired dwellings in Franklin offer a peaceful and calming retreat, ideal for those who appreciate a tranquil living environment.

6. Micro Home in Gatlinburg: Compact Living with Big Possibilities

small modern house

Gatlinburg’s micro homes are designed for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle and a smaller ecological footprint. These ultra-compact houses make the most of every square foot, utilizing innovative storage solutions and multi-functional furniture. With their clever design and efficient use of space, micro homes in Gatlinburg prove that good things can indeed come in small packages.

7. Floating Houseboat in Knoxville: Modern Living on the Water

small modern house

Knoxville’s floating houseboats offer a unique twist on small modern houses, allowing residents to live on the water. These homes feature sleek designs, modern amenities, and panoramic views of the surrounding waterways. With their innovative architecture and the serene ambiance of waterfront living, floating houseboats in Knoxville provide a truly remarkable and unconventional lifestyle.

8. Treehouse Retreat in Chattanooga: Elevated Living in Nature

small modern house

Chattanooga’s treehouse retreats bring a touch of magic and adventure to small modern houses. These elevated dwellings blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, providing breathtaking views and a connection to nature. With their unique designs and the sense of wonder they evoke, treehouse retreats in Chattanooga offer an enchanting and whimsical living experience.

9. Contemporary Cabin in Pigeon Forge: Rustic Charm with Modern Comforts

small modern house

Pigeon Forge’s contemporary cabins merge rustic charm with modern comforts. These small houses feature a combination of natural materials, such as wood and stone, with sleek finishes and contemporary design elements. With their cozy interiors and proximity to nature, contemporary cabins in Pigeon Forge offer a perfect balance between rustic living and modern convenience.

10. Innovative Tiny House in Johnson City: Compact Living at Its Finest

small modern house

Johnson City’s innovative tiny houses showcase the epitome of compact living. These small modern houses are ingeniously designed to maximize space efficiency, often featuring loft bedrooms, multi-purpose furniture, and creative storage solutions. With their innovative design concepts and clever use of space, innovative tiny houses in Johnson City prove that living small can be both stylish and practical.

11. Modern A-Frame House in Nashville: Iconic Design Reinvented

small modern house

Nashville’s modern A-frame houses put a contemporary spin on an iconic architectural style. These small houses feature the classic A-frame shape with modern updates, such as large windows, open interiors, and sleek finishes. With their distinctive design and efficient use of space, modern A-frame houses in Nashville offer a unique and stylish living experience.

12. Coastal-inspired Cottage in Chattanooga: Small Homes with a Beachy Vibe

small modern house

Chattanooga’s coastal-inspired cottages capture the essence of beach living in a smaller scale. These small modern houses feature light colors, natural textures, and an open and airy atmosphere. With their relaxed and beachy vibe, coastal-inspired cottages in Chattanooga create a sense of vacation-like living year-round.

13. Mid-Century Modern Gem in Memphis: Retro Style with a Modern Twist

small modern house

Memphis’ mid-century modern gems pay homage to the iconic architectural style of the mid-20th century. These small houses feature clean lines, large windows, and a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. With their retro charm and contemporary updates, mid-century modern gems in Memphis offer a nostalgic yet modern living experience.

14. Container Home in Knoxville: Sustainable Living in Repurposed Spaces

small modern house

Knoxville’s container homes showcase the creative use of repurposed shipping containers for small modern houses. These homes feature a compact and modular design, energy-efficient systems, and a focus on sustainability. With their unique and eco-friendly approach, container homes in Knoxville provide an alternative living solution that merges innovation with environmental consciousness.

15. Zen-inspired Retreat in Franklin: Harmonious Living in Small Spaces

small modern house

Franklin’s Zen-inspired retreats embrace a minimalist aesthetic and a focus on tranquility. These small modern houses feature clean lines, natural materials, and serene outdoor spaces. With their emphasis on balance and harmony, Zen-inspired retreats in Franklin offer a peaceful sanctuary from the demands of modern life.

16. Cottage-style Bungalow in Gatlinburg: Cozy Charm in the Smoky Mountains

small modern house

Gatlinburg’s cottage-style bungalows bring a touch of cozy charm to small modern houses. These homes feature quaint exteriors, inviting porches, and warm interior finishes. With their proximity to the picturesque Smoky Mountains and the inviting atmosphere they create, cottage-style bungalows in Gatlinburg offer a perfect retreat for those seeking a mountain getaway.

17. Sustainable Farmhouse in Johnson City: Modern Living with a Rustic Twist

small modern house

Johnson City’s sustainable farmhouses blend modern living with a rustic twist. These small modern houses feature energy-efficient systems, reclaimed materials, and a connection to nature. With their farmhouse-inspired design and sustainable features, sustainable farmhouses in Johnson City offer a harmonious blend of modern convenience and eco-conscious living.

18. Contemporary Townhouse in Nashville: Stylish Urban Living in Compact Spaces

small modern house

Nashville’s contemporary townhouses offer a sleek and stylish living experience in the heart of the city. These small houses feature modern architecture, open floor plans, and rooftop terraces. With their proximity to urban amenities and the contemporary design they embody, contemporary townhouses in Nashville provide a sophisticated urban living solution.

19. Lakeside Cabin in Chattanooga: Small Homes with Serene Water Views

small modern house

Chattanooga’s lakeside cabins provide a tranquil escape with serene water views. These small modern houses feature cozy interiors, large windows, and outdoor living spaces that take full advantage of the picturesque lakefront setting. With their connection to nature and the sense of serenity they offer, lakeside cabins in Chattanooga create a serene retreat for those seeking a peaceful lakeside living experience.

20. Modern Cottage in Memphis: Contemporary Living in a Compact Package

small modern house

Memphis’ modern cottages offer a contemporary living experience in a compact package. These small houses feature open floor plans, minimalist design, and a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. With their clean lines and modern aesthetic, modern cottages in Memphis provide a stylish and efficient living solution for those who value contemporary design in smaller spaces.

In conclusion, these 20 small modern houses in Tennessee showcase the innovative designs and architectural styles that redefine contemporary living on a smaller scale. From minimalist retreats in Nashville to industrial chic lofts in Memphis, each home represents a unique approach to maximizing space efficiency without compromising style and functionality. These small modern houses in Tennessee demonstrate that size is not a limitation when it comes to creating innovative and stylish living spaces.


Q: What defines a small modern house?

A: A small modern house is typically characterized by its compact size and contemporary design elements. These homes prioritize efficient use of space, clean lines, and modern aesthetics, offering a stylish and functional living environment.

Q: Are small modern houses suitable for families?

A: Small modern houses can certainly accommodate families, although the size may require thoughtful space planning and organization. Many small modern houses incorporate clever storage solutions and flexible layouts to maximize functionality and meet the needs of growing families.

Q: What are the benefits of living in a small modern house?

A: Living in a small modern house offers several advantages. These homes are often more energy-efficient, easier to maintain, and can be more affordable compared to larger properties. They also promote a minimalist lifestyle and encourage creative design solutions to make the most of limited space.

Q: Can small modern houses be customized or expanded?

A: Yes, small modern houses can be customized and expanded based on the homeowner’s preferences and needs. Design solutions such as modular construction, flexible floor plans, and smart renovations can help accommodate changing requirements while maintaining the modern aesthetic and efficient use of space.

Q: Are small modern houses suitable for rural or urban living?

A: Small modern houses can be designed for both rural and urban living environments. In urban areas, compact designs are often sought after for their efficient use of space and proximity to amenities. In rural settings, small modern houses can provide a retreat-like experience, blending contemporary design with the tranquility of nature.

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