From the charming neighborhoods of Kansas to the vibrant streets of Arizona, full white exterior houses can be found across the United States. The timeless beauty of white exteriors transcends regional boundaries and captivates homeowners in various states. In this blog, we will showcase 20 pretty white exterior houses from Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Arizona, highlighting their architectural styles and the allure they bring to their respective places. Let’s embark on this visual journey across states!

1. Classic Victorian Beauty in Kansas

White Exterior Houses

In the heart of Kansas, a classic Victorian house with a pretty white exterior stands as a testament to timeless beauty. The intricate architectural details and wrap-around porch capture the essence of Victorian elegance.

2. Modern Minimalist Retreat in Missouri: White Exterior Houses

modern white exterior home

In Missouri, a modern home with a pretty white exterior serves as a minimalist retreat. The clean lines and sleek design of this white house create a serene and contemporary atmosphere.

3. Coastal Charm in Kentucky

white exterior house

Kentucky boasts coastal charm with its pretty white houses by the sea. A white painted brick house showcases the beauty of white exteriors, complementing the coastal landscape and capturing the essence of seaside living.

4. Timeless Farmhouse in Louisiana

white farmhouse house

In the picturesque countryside of Louisiana, a timeless farmhouse with a white exterior takes center stage. The combination of white painted brick, metal roofing, and a welcoming front porch showcases the rustic charm of the region.

5. Contemporary Elegance in Arizona

contemporary white house

Amidst the vibrant streets of Arizona, a contemporary white house exudes elegance and modernity. The sleek lines, large windows, and radiant white facade create a striking presence in the desert landscape.

6. Colonial Revival in Kansas

white houses in Kansas

In Kansas, the allure of Colonial Revival houses with white exteriors is evident. With their symmetrical designs, detailed moldings, and classic appeal, these pretty white houses in Kansas exude refinement and timeless beauty.

7. Mediterranean Splendor in Missouri

Mediterranean white house

Missouri embraces Mediterranean splendor with pretty white houses that exude charm and elegance. White stucco exteriors, terracotta roof tiles, and intricate details transport you to a coastal villa in southern Europe.

8. Cottage Delight in Kentucky

white exterior design

Quaint cottages with pretty white exteriors grace the landscapes of Kentucky. These charming houses feature white siding, whimsical front porches, and colorful accents, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

9. Mid-Century Modern Gem in Louisiana

modern white home design

Louisiana showcases mid-century modern gems with pretty white exteriors. These houses, characterized by clean lines, large windows, and a seamless connection to nature, offer a contemporary retreat in the heart of Louisiana.

10. Scandinavian Simplicity in Arizona

arizona white home design

In Arizona, Scandinavian simplicity shines through with pretty white houses that embrace minimalism and natural elements. White exteriors, clean lines, and large windows create a harmonious blend of simplicity and modernity.

11. Craftsman Charm in Kansas

craftsman white home design

Kansas pays homage to Craftsman charm with pretty white houses that feature intricate woodwork, a combination of siding materials, and touches of elegance. These houses capture the essence of the Craftsman aesthetic.

12. Traditional Elegance in Missouri

white exterior houses

Missouri showcases traditional elegance with pretty white houses that exude timeless beauty. With their symmetrical designs, detailed moldings, and classic front porches, these houses invite you in with their stately facades.

13. Rustic Retreat in Kentucky

white painted brick house

Kentucky offers rustic retreats with pretty white exteriors that blend seamlessly with the picturesque countryside. These white cabins nestled in nature provide a cozy and inviting escape.

14. Modern Farmhouse in Louisiana

white modern farmhouse

Louisiana showcases modern farmhouses with pretty white exteriors that combine traditional farmhouse elements with contemporary design. These houses offer a fresh and inviting aesthetic in the rural landscapes of Louisiana.

15. Georgian Grace in Arizona

white wash brick exterior

In Arizona, Georgian-style houses with pretty white exteriors exude grace and timeless beauty. With white brick exteriors, classic columns, and refined details, these houses offer a touch of elegance in the desert surroundings.

16. Cape Cod Charm in Kansas

coastal white modern homes

Kansas embraces Cape Cod charm with pretty white houses that evoke coastal living and New England allure. White exteriors, shingles, and charming details create a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

17. Contemporary Beachfront Residence in Missouri

white exterior houses

Missouri showcases contemporary beachfront residences with pretty white exteriors that seamlessly blend with the beauty of the ocean. These houses feature clean lines, large windows, and a minimalist design for a tranquil and luxurious retreat.

18. Spanish Colonial Beauty in Kentucky

colonial white house design

Kentucky embraces Spanish Colonial beauty with pretty white houses that feature white stucco exteriors, arched doorways, and romantic details. These houses transport you to the Mediterranean, adding a touch of romance to the Kentucky landscape.

19. Prairie Style Elegance in Louisiana

white exterior house paint

Louisiana showcases prairie-style houses with pretty white exteriors that embrace simplicity and integration with the landscape. These houses feature horizontal lines, overhanging eaves, and geometric shapes, exuding prairie-style elegance.

20. Tudor Revival in Arizona

traditional home in california

Arizona showcases Tudor Revival houses with pretty white exteriors that exude character and charm. Half-timbering, steep roofs, and decorative details create a captivating aesthetic in the desert surroundings.

In conclusion, these 20 pretty white houses across Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Arizona demonstrate the timeless beauty and versatility of white exteriors. Whether it’s a classic Victorian, a modern minimalist retreat, or a charming cottage, the allure of a full white exterior transcends regional boundaries. Embrace the beauty of white exteriors and transform your house into a captivating sanctuary of elegance and style, no matter where you reside.


Q: Why are white exteriors popular for houses?

A: White exteriors are popular because they exude timeless elegance, complement various architectural styles, create a sense of spaciousness, and reflect light, keeping the interior cooler during hot summer days.

Q: Can a full white exterior work for any type of house?

A: Yes, a full white exterior can work for various house styles, including Victorian, modern, coastal, farmhouse, and more. White exteriors offer versatility and can enhance the architectural features of any home.

Q: What are the benefits of a full white exterior?

A: The benefits of a full white exterior include enhanced curb appeal, a clean and crisp appearance, the ability to adapt to different design elements, the reflection of light for energy efficiency, and a sense of pride for homeowners.

Q: How do you maintain a white exterior?

A: To maintain a white exterior, regular cleaning using mild soap and water or a gentle pressure wash is recommended. Promptly addressing stains or marks and performing routine touch-ups can help keep the white exterior looking pristine.

Q: Are there any considerations when choosing the shade of white for an exterior?

A: Yes, when choosing the shade of white, it’s important to consider the architectural style of the house, the surrounding environment, and the interaction with natural light. Testing the color on a small section of the exterior can help determine the desired effect.

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