A false ceiling is an installation of an interior design either in your room. The idea is to add more value and decoration to your house. There is a lot of different kind of false ceiling designs. Since the 19th century, a false ceiling has already been introduced. Today in the modern time, the item is never been forgotten and in fact, evolve into a modern design.

More and more interior designers are getting interested in creating and developing false ceiling designs. Being artistic for them is fun because somehow it adds beauty to a house having a monotonous kind of design. One of the most popular places to install the ceilings is the bedrooms and the living space. Of which bedroom is the top most popular. One of the main reasons is that there are people who can not immediately sleep without seeing something beautiful above them. Another thing is that false ceilings give comfort and a tranquil ambience in the bedroom.

If you are living in an apartment choosing the latest trends in false ceiling designs could be a good idea. Especially if the apartment you are living in looks small. False ceilings could somehow make your apartment bedroom looks bigger, spacious and of course breathable.

On the other hand, you can also choose some other choices. You can also try the ceiling bourgeois design. This design showcases the social high level. It is a design which is emerging during the old times. You can basically find one of these designs in the old mansions. Having this item in your bedroom could give you a feeling of tranquillity or serenity.

False ceiling designs using lighting

Ceiling lighting is another false ceiling design. It could give the homeowners to replace things in his bedroom or add more without having any doubt about what kind of furniture to add or to replace since the latter could match everything. Replacing and adding furniture at home is easy, but it would not be with ceilings. Therefore, choosing this kind of ceiling design for your bedroom or even in the other part of your home would be a good idea

Colours in False ceiling

Choosing the best colour that matches the design of your ceiling or the ambience of your room is necessary. The colour makes the homeowners satisfied and nurture their spirits. Colours like browns, beiges or tans could be useful too for the homeowner’s tranquillity since it is the colour of most of the stones and rocks. Or if one wants to have a cosy and warm ambience, colours of green and brown combined together are perfect.
Adding lighter colours to rooms gives the room the look of being spacious and harmonious. To make your ceiling appealing, darker shade colours can help. The ceiling’s fresh look starts with a monochromatic theme. This means one needs to choose two or three different tones of colours which is lighter than the colour one they have in the room.

Considering the above-mentioned points here are some unique and stunning options in false ceiling design that you can consider while designing or renovating your dream living space or bedroom space or any other space.

false ceiling design
Courtesy: Behance

A wooden ceiling with white false gypsum boards gives elegance to this living space

living room false ceiling design
Courtesy: Behance

This minimalist living room false ceiling design adds a stunning expanse and gives the illusion of a grand space.

false ceiling for living room design
Courtesy: Behance

How about a fancy design, such false ceiling for living room design help to project out the diffused light.

false ceiling wooden design
Courtesy: Behance

Shades of pink and spotlights all around with wooden ceiling in middle with a fan hanging. Such a false ceiling becomes a focal point and attracts everyone.

false ceiling wooden
Courtesy: Behance

Such beautiful designed false ceilings are the show stopper and give your room a dazzling look.

false ceiling design simple
Courtesy: Behance

Stylish false ceiling design with simple design. With two chandeliers on either side of the projected wooden ceiling and surrounded by warm lights.

false ceiling gypsum
Courtesy: Behance

A perfect blend of white gypsum boards, a wooden texture ceiling and a stylish fan combine together to give this house a stunning look.

false ceiling gypsum design
Courtesy: Behance

An extravagant look combined with the fans and a chandelier in the middle of a large living room. 

simple false ceiling design with two fans
Courtesy: Behance

Sometimes it’s hard to incorporate a ceiling fan into the design of your ceiling, but here’s an example of how this can be done. Two fans worked on the design of this modern ceiling with black panel inserts.

living room false ceiling design
Courtesy: Behance

Now to experiment and yet keep it simple, how about this living room false ceiling design? With a golden-coloured fan to match the luxury with the spotlights surroundings them.

minimalist false ceiling design
Courtesy: Behance

Artistic minimalist false ceiling design and lovely white shades give this space a neutral tone of a classic look.

contemporary false ceiling design in living room
Courtesy: Behance

They are beautifully combined with central lights in each section and give the whole space an attractive effect. Such a contemporary false ceiling design in the living room gives your space a stunning look.

false ceiling design for hall with two fans
Courtesy: Behance

Finding it difficult how to adjust two fans? Check this beautifully designed false ceiling with two fans.

false ceiling design for room
Courtesy: Behance

A pure white false ceiling design for a room with LED lights surrounding it. Showcases the simplicity of the room

false ceiling design square
Courtesy: Behance

Having such an artistic design will accentuate your living room’s ceiling design.

symmetry false ceiling design
Courtesy: Behance

Fed up with complex design use this symmetry false ceiling design

false ceiling unique design
Courtesy: Behance

Layered tray ceilings also make for stylish yet simple false ceiling designs for bedrooms.

hall ceiling design
Courtesy: Behance

Done up in shades of brown with the grey textured wall. This hall ceiling design just craves into one’s head.

false ceiling design in living room
Courtesy: Behance

This neat and no-nonsense false ceiling design works wonders for living rooms.

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