Characteristics of Maximalist Interior Design

Maximalist style is a fluid and individualistic style, reflecting the personality and enjoyment of the person behind the design.

How to Design a Maximalist Home

Show & Tell Your Passions The most important thing to remember when designing a maximalist space is to tailor it to your personality and your passions through your design choices.

Find a Common Thread Think of the common thread like the melody of a song, weaving through the rest of the orchestrations and instruments (your decor and furniture). You can still hear (see) it throughout your design.

Choose Comfort First Make your maximalist design homey by opting for comfortable furnishings. Plush couches, plenty of patterned pillows, or throw blankets add that cozy feel.

Maximize What Matters… Leave the Rest While “more is more” is the theme for maximalism, some intentional planning is needed to cultivate and curate a harmonious maximalist design

Floors with a natural look Floors with a natural look provide a nice baseline for any maximalist design. This includes hardwood, engineered stone that looks like marble or other stone, or tiles that give the appearance of wood or stone.

Patterned Tiles To keep the maximalist look going underfoot, patterned tiles are another flooring choice that could add color and intrigue to the space

Revel with Rugs Rugs can add many things to a space