Key Specs

4462 Sq ft

52 X 42 FT
15.84m X 12.80m

2 Storey

2 Bedroom

Ground Floor 2231 Sq Ft
First Floor 2231 Sq Ft
Total Built Up Area 4462 Sq Ft

Plan Description

This 5 BHK duplex house plan in 4462 sq ft is well fitted into 52 X 42 ft. This plan consists of a double-height spacious living room with a narrow lobby attached to it. Connected to the living room is a grand dining space. It also has a spacious Indian style kitchen with a storeroom and attached toilet. Pooja room is given prime importance in this plan with a large space dedicated to it. The ground floor is featured with two king-size bedrooms with a walk-in club feature and an attached open terrace making it luxurious.

When it comes to the first floor one could find a wide family room, this family room is located in such a way that one could easily see the living room below. This family room gives access to three luxurious bedrooms. These luxurious bedrooms are featured with a walk-in club facility and attached toilets, whereas two of the bedrooms have attached open terraces. With overall features engraved in this plan, one could easily identify that this is a luxurious 5 bhk duplex home plan. This 5 bhk duplex house plan is very well ventilated and all spaces are very well articulated offering privacy accordingly.

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