2 bhk ground floor plan

Key Specs

1152 Sq ft

32’0″ X 36’0″ FT
9.75m X 10.97m

1 Storey

2 Bedroom

Plan Description

This east-facing 2 BHK ground floor plan, encompassing 1152 sq ft, fits perfectly into a 32 x 36 ft area. A small porch welcomes you into a square living room, featuring an L-shaped staircase. The spacious living room also includes a pooja room. Adjacent to the living room is the kitchen, which has a built-in space for a small dining area. The kitchen is spacious and located in the southeast corner of the house, with an attached utility space.

This home includes two bedrooms: a master bedroom and a standard-sized bedroom. The master bedroom features an attached, spacious toilet, while the standard bedroom accesses a common toilet situated next to the utility space. This east-facing 2 BHK tenement plan is ideal for individuals with a plot of up to 2000 sq ft. The house plan ensures excellent ventilation, with well-articulated spaces throughout.

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