Key Specs

1500 Sq ft

31’0″ X 42’0″ FT
9.44m X 12.80m

2 Storey

1 Bedroom

Ground Floor 800 Sq Ft
First Floor 500 Sq Ft
Total Built-Up Area1500 Sq Ft

Plan Description

This Twin 1 BHK Bungalow plan is located in a plot size of 31 X 42 ft. Each floor plan is 650 sq ft including first floor. This house sets out with ample green space in the front. Starting from a small entrance foyer one enters into a spacious living room. And down to living room is the kitchen. On the ground floor is the living kitchen stair and toilets. Toilets are separate ie. Bath & WC. And the adjacent floor plan is the mirror image of this plan.

Nestled within a 31 X 42 ft plot, this Twin 1 BHK Bungalow plan boasts a total area of 650 sq ft per floor, inclusive of the first floor. Surrounded by lush greenery at the front, it offers a refreshing ambiance from the moment you step foot onto the property.

Upon entry through a modest foyer, you’re welcomed into a generously sized living room, perfect for gatherings and relaxation. Adjacent to the living area is the kitchen, strategically positioned for convenient meal preparation and serving.

The ground floor hosts the living space, kitchen, staircase, and separate toilet facilities, comprising both a bath and a WC for enhanced functionality. A notable feature of this layout is its mirror image design, ensuring symmetry and balance in both units.

Ascending to the first floor, you’ll find a thoughtfully designed single bedroom, complete with an attached balcony that invites in natural light and provides a cozy retreat for its occupants. However, one drawback of this level is the absence of a bathroom, which may inconvenience some residents.

Nevertheless, the first floor compensates with a beautifully crafted terrace, offering outdoor space for relaxation, leisure activities, or even gardening pursuits.

The first floor is beautifully designed with a single bedroom and attached balcony. One of the flaw of this plan is that it doesn’t have a bathroom on the first floor. The first floor has a beautifully designed terrace. Overall this twin bungalow plan is compact & best suited for joint families who wants to stay together with privacy. This house plan is small but all its spaces are very well articulated.

Overall, this compact Twin 1 BHK Bungalow plan is an ideal choice for joint families seeking to reside together while maintaining individual privacy. Despite its modest size, every space within this home is meticulously articulated, ensuring functionality, comfort, and a harmonious living experience for its inhabitants.

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