2bhk ground floor plan

Key Specs

900 Sq ft

28 X 37 FT
08.58m X 11.22m

1 Storey

2 Bedroom

Plan Description

This 2BHK ground floor plan, spanning 900 sq ft, is efficiently laid out within dimensions of 28 x 37 ft. The design features a spacious sit-out area perfect for welcoming guests. Upon entering through the sit-out, one steps into a large, rectangular hall. Adjacent to the living room is the kitchen, with the dining table conveniently situated between them. The kitchen includes a work area, which serves as a dry balcony, and this work area has an external door leading to the backyard. A common toilet is located near the work area.

This house includes two bedrooms: a master bedroom and a children’s bedroom. The master bedroom has an attached toilet, while the children’s bedroom accesses the common toilet. This 2BHK house plan, ideal for 900 sq ft, is perfectly suited for middle-class families desiring an independent bungalow. The design ensures excellent ventilation and thoughtfully arranged spaces throughout.

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